QUAMINA STREET, three-flat, seven-bedroom property with business space on ground floor, good for Offices, school or overseas apartment rental. Vacant possession guaranteed. Price negotiable; Republic Park, phase (2), five-bedroom property, $45M; Nandy Park, $ 35M; Haslington, $25M; Garden of Eden land only, $3M. neg. South Ruimveldt double lot with bldg. $35M, Alberttown 3-bedrooms top flat, office space, lower flat $50M. Robb Street, Bourda 3 storey bldg. 18 rooms: price neg. and many more. Regent Street between Wellington & King Streets price negotiable. Continental Park, 4 bedrooms; 2 self-contained $60M; Church Street, Company Path, 1600 acres of land in Berbice, price neg. and many more.
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