JEWANRAM’S REALTY. ‘’HAVE FAITH IN CHRIST TODAY’’ 227-1988, 623-6431 (WhatsApp). EXECUTIVE PROPERTIES: US$10,000 to US$15,000. Happy Acres, US$10,000; Lamaha Gardens, US$5,000; Bel Air US$4,000 and US$5,000; Blygezight residence and storage/office US$950; Eccles AA US$ 3,000; Success, new, furnished US$1,000; Diamond 2nd Avenue $140,000 and $60,000; Mon Repos 3 bedrooms lower apartment by Republic Bank $90,000; Section K, Campbellville $100,000, Studio $60,000. New COMMERCIAL building Grove Public Road US$3,000; East Coast bond and office US$5,000 plus others.