How It Works

How do I post an Ad ?

To post a new ad, just click on the “Place An Ad” button, at the top right section of the page and enter details of the item/service you plan on offering for sale. After completing the ad details, you will be redirected to to complete payment.

When posting an ad, you can upload a maximum of 6 pictures. We encourage you to use this feature to improve your ad visibility. Upon submission, your ad will be reviewed by a member of our staff to ensure it meets our guidelines before being approved.


It is free to use Stabroek Classifieds – to browse the listings and contact sellers. We charge a flat fee of $US 16 for publishing online classifieds ad for a period of 30 days and up to six pictures.

Add-ons such as Featured can be purchased after checkout to enhance visibility of your ad.

If we deny your listing or if we remove your listing for any reason, we will refund your payment.

Rules & Guidelines

Before listing your item, you should make sure it is allowed on Stabroek Classifieds. Ad listings that don’t comply with the following guidelines may be removed without prior notice. Other efforts, such as the suspension of your account may also be applied.

Prohibited Items:

  • Alcohol and Tobacco;
  • Firearms, weapons, fireworks or any destructive device;
  • Pornography, adult-oriented items, content and services;
  • Offer or solicitation of prostitution;
  • Gambling items, services or activities;
  • Drugs of any kind, drug-like substances, drug paraphernalia;
  • Pseudo pharmaceuticals;
  • Substances designed to mimic illegal drugs;
  • Blood, bodily fluids or body parts;
  • Regulated products and services;
  • Intellectual property or proprietary rights infringement;
  • Stolen property, or property with serial number removed or altered;
  • Items or activities that promote or glorify hatred or racial or religious intolerance;
  • Illegal, inappropriate or offensive items or activities;
  • Items or activities that enable or instruct others to engage in illegal activity

Safety Tips

Below are some tips to help you avoid scams and fraud on the internet:

  • Meet the seller in person, check the item and make sure you are satisfied with it before you make a payment.
  • Exchange item and payment at the same time: Buyers – don’t make any payments before receiving an item. Sellers – don’t send an item before receiving payment.
  • Use common sense: Avoid anything that appears too good to be true, such as unrealistically low prices and promises of quick money.
  • Never give out financial and personal information: This includes bank account details, credit card, debit card, PayPal info, social security number, birth date, and any other information that could be misused.
  • We do not offer any form of payment scheme or protection. Please report any emails claiming to offer such services. Avoid using online payment services or escrow sites unless you are 100% sure that they are genuine.


Any information you provide to us is subject to our standard Privacy Policy which governs our collection and use of your information.