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Landscape gardening and maintenance, Evergreen Services. Phone: 664-5947.

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ROOMS for bachelors

ROOMS for bachelors/ working couple. Phone: 680-9605.

MAJOR’S apartments, fully furnished

MAJOR’S apartments, fully furnished with kitchenette -US $25 daily, -$US $255 monthly. Phone: 604-0054 or 627-2981.

SEWING classes. Evening classes,

SEWING classes. Evening classes, etc. Phone: 661-7502, 219-3282.

SPACIOUS 2-bedroom

SPACIOUS 2-bedroom apartment, Bagotstown. Phone: 216-2106, 233-0175.


CHINA HARBOUR is hiring a translator familiar with Chinese/ English; 3 professional mechanical and electrical engineers. Payment negotiable. Phone Mr. Zhou: 603-5480.