Stabroek Advertising
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DESIGNEE: posters, banners, logos digitally. Phone: 650-6400

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MALE- butcher

MALE- butcher, grill meat. Female -sell food and make phoulaurie, puri with food handlers. Phone: 694-1818.


SALON station -$5,000 weekly, Roxanne Burnham Garden. Phone: 688-3798.

GIRLS to work as kitchen assistant

GIRLS to work as kitchen assistant, age 20 to 25. 71 Robb Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, opposite Freedom House. Phone Girley: 227-3890.


CHARLOTTE LACY HOTEL for both local and overseas guests. Rental on a daily basis. Interested, please phone: 226-6441.

WHITE Tiger Martial

WHITE Tiger Martial Arts Academy. Email: or Facebook: White Tiger Martial Arts Academy/ Guyana for more information.