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ROOMS & building, Upper Mazaruni. Serious enquiries only. Phone: 688-1418, 657-0380.

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DRIVERS wanted

DRIVERS wanted at Guy- American, 147 Albert Street. Phone: 225-2960, 612-5744.

PUPS, mixed breed Brazilian Mastiff

PUPS, mixed breed Brazilian Mastiff and Rottweiler; fully vaccinated and dewormed. Seven weeks old. Phone: 225-0301.

2-BEDROOM ground floor

2-BEDROOM ground floor, self-contained apartment, fully furnished with all amenities. Suitable for 2 students sharing or professional couple. Close proximity to University of Guyana. Phone: 222-5928, 689-3752.

BUILDING contractor

BUILDING contractor: estimates, house plan to be drawn. Give us a call: 216-0671, 692-8464, 622-0267.

PRASHAD 2-bedroom -$80,000; Kitty 2-bedroom

PRASHAD 2-bedroom -$80,000; Kitty 2-bedroom, furnished -US $600. Phone: 655-8361.