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50 x 100 house lot located in Amelia’s Ward, Linden; -$1,500,000.00 with concrete foundation & concrete posts. Phone: 592-665-6634.

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HERSTELLING Public Road- $24M; Diamond -$18M; Parfaite Harmonie -$17.5M; Vreed-en-Hoop -$65M; Eccles Scheme -$40M. Phone: 672- 0975, 629-8253


BUDHRAM’S PLANT SHOP: Lawn grass -$1400; Organic potting soil -$900; Supari Palm -$1000; Foxtail Palm -$1000; Sugarcane Palm -$1000; Ficus 4 for -$1000; Exora 4 for -$1000; ground covers 3 for -$1000; Lipstick Palm, date Palm, minature sage palm, Ashoka…

ATLANTIC Garden (house)

ATLANTIC Garden (house) -US$1000. Many more. Phone Diana: 227-2256, 626-9382.

FOR SALE BY TENDER. “As is where is”.

FOR SALE BY TENDER. “As is where is”. Damaged 2011 Toyota Prado JTEBU 3J80-K029826- PNN 7040. Vehicle can be inspected in the GCIS Inc. Customer parking, lot 46 Main Street, Georgetown. Tenders close on February 21st, 2017. The company does not bind…

Executive rental: Queenstown

Executive rental: Queenstown -US$1200; Bel-Air Park -US$1100; Lamaha Gardens, Prashad Nagar -US$1600; Bel-Voir Court, Republic Park, Office Buildings Kingston, Main Street, Queenstown, Bond, others. Mentore/Singh Realty: 225-1017, 623-6136.