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FEMALE Clerk Phone: 231-5171.

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FULLY furnished 2-bedroom

FULLY furnished 2-bedroom -US $700 per month. 2 months deposit. Phone: 688-6010, WhatsApp: 868-747-4343.

SENIOR mechanic and driver

SENIOR mechanic and driver. Phone: 227-1717.

EXECUTIVE rental, Bel-Air Park -US $2,000

EXECUTIVE rental, Bel-Air Park -US $2,000; Lamaha Gardens, Prashad Nagar -US $1800; Apartment Queenstown -US $1200, Republic Park, D’Aguiar Park -US $2500, Le-Resouvenir, office building Alberttown top -US $700, Kingston, Main Street, Queenstown, Central…


SECURITY guard. Phone: 218-1156.

SKILLED and experienced carpenters

SKILLED and experienced carpenters. Apply in person to Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling, Stabroek.