Stabroek Advertising
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SHALOM enterprise, 2 Croal Street, Stabroek. Phone: 227-3835, 227-3869,  227-7560, 622-8161.

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KITCHEN assistant workers

KITCHEN assistant workers and waitress. Phone: 616-3825, 664-3949.

JADESCO offers: architectural designs

JADESCO offers: architectural designs, 3D modeling and building estimates/ quotation. Phone: 612-0468/ 649-3059.

ONE 2-bedroom apartment in Georgetown

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FURNISHED apartment, from 1 week up. 318 East Street, North Cummingsburg (between Middle & New Market Streets), a few lots away from GPHC and Balwant Singh's Hospital. Phone: 641-4614, 651-7779, 226-3199.