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ARACARI Hotel, WBD (near Harbour Bridge) – all modern amenities -rates from US $25. Phone: 264-2946-8.

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MALE Sales Representative

MALE Sales Representative, porter. Requirements: 25 years or over, two references, Police clearance, experience will be an asset. Apply in person with written application to Wieting & Richter Ltd. 10-13 Water Street, Georgetown.

WOODEN building to be removed

WOODEN building to be removed. -$1M negotiable. Phone: 680-6279, 225-6433.

ONE FURNISHED two-bedroom apartment at 125 Regent Road

ONE FURNISHED two-bedroom apartment at 125 Regent Road, Bourda. Free wi-fi. Phone Marie on 226-2382.

DRIVER, 35-45 years

DRIVER, 35-45 years. Licensed to drive canter and jeep. Applicant: Eccles to Diamond only. Phone: 600-5253.

PRASHAD 2-bedroom -$80,000; Kitty 2-bedroom

PRASHAD 2-bedroom -$80,000; Kitty 2-bedroom, furnished -US $600. Phone: 655-8361.