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ANTIQUE furniture. Phone: 650-0716, 223-1051.

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LODGE apartment (Vlissengen/D’Urban):

LODGE apartment (Vlissengen/D’Urban): unfurnished -$40,000 - $80,000 per month, furnished (for visitors) -$600 - $1000 US per month. Full bathrooms, verandahs, parking close to facilities and transportation. Phone: 668-7687/ 677-9638/ 697-6421.

SPACIOUS, secure 2-bedroom flat

SPACIOUS, secure 2-bedroom flat, Bel-Air Park -$80,000 per month. Phone: 614-2888 after mid-day.

SKILLED and experienced carpenters

SKILLED and experienced carpenters. Apply in person to Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling, Stabroek.


CLEANERS. Apply in person, Shikhan Hotel, Princes Street, wortmanville.

APARTMENT: three bedrooms

APARTMENT: three bedrooms with toilet, bath, kitchen, dining, living room; near UG, Cummings Lodge. Small families, student, three working females or male adults. No pets. Phone: 655-7791, 222-9010, 657-9164.