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COMPUTER repairs, phone unlocking. Call or WhatsApp: 612-3571.

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GIRLS to work as kitchen assistant

GIRLS to work as kitchen assistant, age 20 to 25. 71 Robb Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, opposite Freedom House. Phone Girley: 227-3890

DIAMOND, 21st Street -$3.5M

DIAMOND, 21st Street -$3.5M, $-8M; Parfaite Harmonie 50 x 100 -$2M. Phone: 231-2199, 618-7483.

APARTMENT, Great Diamond

APARTMENT, Great Diamond, EBD. Phone Ronique: 643-9286, Thandeka: 603-0067.

DIAMOND -$8M; Vreed -en Hoop 41 x 300

DIAMOND -$8M; Vreed -en Hoop 41 x 300 -$43M; Parfaite Harmonie -$3.5M (10 years’ finish); Parfaite Harmonie -$1M; Hague, WCD -$13M; CI, WCD -$2M. Phone: 672-0975, 629-8253.

3-BEDROOM apartment, bottom-flat

3-BEDROOM apartment, bottom-flat. Near Public Road, Two Friends, ECD. Phone: 259-0057, 690-4129.