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PREMIO, Vitz. Phone: 639-4452,619-3660.

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ONE-BEDROOM apartment, Diamond Scheme

ONE-BEDROOM apartment, Diamond Scheme. Phone: 695-2990.

TOP-FLAT 2-bedroom house, Phoenix Park

TOP-FLAT 2-bedroom house, Phoenix Park, W.B.D. Phone Jennifer: 678-2570 or Thandeka: 603-0067.

ONE white Toyota RAV 4

ONE white Toyota RAV 4, in good condition and equipped with rims and alarm system. Year 2001 model. Phone: 621-7859/ 609-2895 for more details.

UNFURNISHED three-bedroom

UNFURNISHED three-bedroom top-flat. Phone: 642-0636.

CITITECH for all your computer

CITITECH for all your computer/ tablets purchases, repairs and accessories. 125 Light Street, Alberttown, Georgetown. Phone: 226-0085.